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How do your photo shoots work?


I like to let my clients control the sessions from photo session to printing. We start by setting up a session with me via email, phone call, text message, or meeting in person, whatever is most convenient for you. From there, we will decide a date, time, and location that works best for the both of us. The day of the shoot I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and happy. While walking around the location you have picked, I am open to shooting in any area you find visually interesting. I will have plenty of suggestions, but if there is something that stands out to you, I will gladly incorporate it. Sessions last 1-2 hours, and I will shoot approximately 150-250 photos. Payment for your session is due the day of the shoot. 

In approximately 1-2 weeks, I will have your photos available in a private album for viewing. Your privacy is important to me. I will make every photo from the shoot available for your viewing, why limit your selection? My favorite photos could be completely different from your favorites, so I want to allow YOU to choose. At this point, I ask you to "favorite" the images you'd like to have for your print order, and I will send you an invoice with your total. After payment has been received, your images will be professionally retouched, and your prints will be delivered to your door. 


What kind of equipment do you use?


I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 24-70mm 1:4 L,

Canon 17-40mm F4 L, Canon Speedlite 430EX, Vivitar Auto 252, and a diffusion umbrella. 


How long have you been photographing? Any professional training?


I have been taking photos professionally since 2009. I graduated in May of 2012 from Metropolitan Community College with my Associates degree in Applied Sciences - Photography - General Commercial, and I graduated with honors (Dean's List all 3 years) and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship. Although a community college, Metro is known to have one of the top photography programs in the Midwest, and is nationally known for producing gifted photographers. I also worked for as their full-time videographer for six years, producing their product review videos, along with a number of design videos. I also spent some time at AccuQuilt as their full-time Visual Media Specialist - Photography & Video, and am now at KreativElement as a member of their photo and video team. 


What are the best locations for my photo shoot?


There are a number of great locations in the Omaha area that are great for photo, but my personal favorites are places that mean something to YOU. Sure, the Old Market is beautiful, and Elmwood Park is always a great pick, but backyards, livingrooms, and bedrooms can be cool too. Some of my favorite sessions have been in more "secret" places, or places that were personal to the client. I will always have suggestions of where to go, but think about a place that means something to you first. If you would like studio portraits, I do have access to a studio as well.


What time of day should I schedule my shoot?


If you are up for it, the most beautiful time of day is during one of the "golden hours." This is the time just after sunrise, or just before sunset. This time of day shows the infamous golden light that it was named for, and helps produce beautiful portraits. But if you're not an early bird, or the evening just doesn't work for you, any time of the day is doable. High noon is NOT recommended, the direct overhead sunlight creates dark shadows under your eyes that are nearly impossible to avoid, even with lighting and retouching.  


Can I post my photos to Facebook?


Yes! You are definitely welcome to post your images anywhere you'd like, but please refrain from editing them. Crediting CNielsen Photography is not required, but definitely appreciated!   


I'm in the photos, that means I own the rights to them, right?


Unfortunately, just being in the photographs does not mean you own the rights to them. CNielsen Photography retains the rights for the images unless they are purchased. You are welcome to share the images digitally, but printing them without purchasing the rights is not allowed. Most places will ask you for a copyright release form, and will not allow printing with out it, and that's when you'll know you have those rights. 

This also means you do not have permission to edit the images or add instagram filters to them.