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When deciding what to wear for senior, family, engagement, or portraits anything of that nature, bring multiple outfits. Pick something casual and comfortable (but not too comfortable! Sweat shirts/sweat pants do not photograph well!), and bring a dressier outfit. You are welcome to bring as many outfits as you would like. 

Small patterns and solid colors look great, but large patterns become overwhelming and become the focus. Concentrate on fit. Are those pants too baggy? Are you swimming in that tee shirt? Does that tanktop/strapless top give you the (ever so crudely named) "armpit boob?" Remember to dress like YOU; being yourself is important. Don't plan an outfit that you would never wear in public, because the discomfort will show on your face.

Remember dark colors are ALWAYS slimming. 




Stick to your usual makeup routine for photo shoots. Don't wear more makeup than you normally would. If you generally don't wear any make up, that's okay too! Your photos should look like you! A little bit of blush is always nice to add a bit off color to your cheeks, but don't go overboard. Also, avoid caking on the foundation; don't worry about blemishes, that's what retouching is for. 

Don't forget about your nails! A fresh manicure isn't necessary, but clean, fresh nails are important. Chipped polish can ruin a photo. And if you're wearing sandals, don't forget about your toes!  

If you would like to have a professional makeup artist for your shoot, please let me know. I know a number of wonderful makeup artists who specialize in natural, photo shoot ready makeup that would loved to be hired for your shoot. 




Your hair is an important part of your photos. If you have naturually straight, thin hair, a little mousse will go a long way. If you have naturally curly hair, embrace it! Your day to day hair will always look the best for your photos. For girls, you don't need to overly curl your hair or completely fry it with a flat iron. If you're planning on a hair cut, don't wait until the day before your shoot! It always takes at least a week or two for you to settle in to your new 'do. If you are worried about fly-aways, bring a small bottle of lotion! A little lotion can help tame those frizzies with out the crunch of hairspray. 

If you would like a hairstylist for your session, I will gladly get you in touch with a talented professional. 




There are a number of great locations in the Omaha area that are great for photo, but my personal favorites are places that mean something to YOU. Sure, the Old Market is beautiful, and Elmwood Park is always a great pick, but backyards, livingrooms, and bedrooms can be cool too. Some of my favorite sessions have been in more "secret" places, or places that were personal to the client. I will always have suggestions of where to go, but think about a place that means something to you first. 




You are more than welcome to bring any prop you would like to your shoot. Senior portraits are the perfect time to show off what you do and who you are. Bring your instruments, sports equipment, trophies, collections, anything that is important to you. And furry friends are always welcome! 




Friends and family are always welcome to shoots. For senior sessions and model sessions, I highly encourage bringing someone who makes you feel comfortable. Significant others are fine, and siblings can be great as well. Anyone who will help you get a natural smile. For senior portraits, I don't always recommend bringing mom or dad along (although they are always welcome!), but sometimes mom or dad can make you a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.